Our Collaborations

Collaboration is our specialty

At Dark Door Spirits we pride ourselves on our collaborative projects. We love partnering with like-minded, local brands to create spirits that are one of a kind! 

To create our flagship product, Spirit of IPA, we take Crooked Thumb Shade Tree from Crooked Thumb Brewing and distill it into an IPA Whiskey or as some call it, ‘Beer Schnapps’. In addition to crafting award-winning whiskey, gins, and vodkas, we quickly found a niche in collaborating with surrounding breweries to create original whiskeys and gins. 

In 2019 we paired with Motorworks Brewing to create Eye of Midnight using their Midnight Espresso Porter. Which won awards and quickly sold out. Collaborations are in the works with several other breweries including Hidden Spring Aleworks, Green Bench, Copper Tail, and more. We are always looking to collaborate to craft a one of kind beverage!  Check back regularly to see what is new this month!

with spirit of prohibition barreled

Voodoo chef Collab

We are proud to say that we are partnering up with Voodoo chef to create a one-of-a-kind tasting and culinary experience featuring a special batch of Spirit of Prohibition Barreled Gin. Supplies are limited and offer is only available through November 13th! Reserve yours today!