Dark Door improves upon tradition by combining forgotten techniques with unpredictable and inspired new ideas.

We dare to be different, but not just for difference sake. We are driven and rooted in our core values of quality and innovation. We endeavor to craft spirits that stand unsurpassed for both quality and character. At the same time, we are committed to innovation so we can bring you experiences you have never had before.

Our goal has always been to produce the very best spirit possible. For us, that means sourcing the very best ingredients possible. It also means having the patience to use the right distilling techniques. Conservative cuts, more runs, better ingredients, top notch equipment… whatever it takes to make spirits of true class and distinction.

Some believe quality means tradition. We are not those people. We believe innovation can unlock opportunities that tradition leaves on the floor. And sometimes, innovation is actually using forgotten techniques of yesteryear to produce a gin that is exceptionally delicious. While we won’t sacrifice excellence for something new, we will continue to challenge ourselves to find excellent new flavors that lead to wonderfully unexpected drinking experiences.



Favorite Cocktail: Whiskey Neat


Favorite Cocktail: Anything in an unmarked mason jar


Favorite Cocktail: Manhattan on the Rocks


Favorite Cocktail:
Old Fashioned


Favorite Cocktail: Bourbon on the Rocks


Favorite Cocktail:
Jungle Bird